Unlocking the Promise of 5G

The Problems

The fantastic performance promised with 5G comes from the use of the high frequency radio spectrum – also called mmWave. In order to make use of this spectrum, advanced antenna technology is required based on constantly switching beams between device and base stations. The current solutions on the market are based on conventional analog radio architecture to form these beams.

There are two large problems with this approach though, the first is that analog architecture demands space and is very difficult to fit into handheld and IoT devices, the second problem is that it simply doesn’t work well enough and doesn’t deliver the anticipated functionality or performance required. As a result, today’s 5G analog radio architecture does not deliver on its promises.

The Solution

To solve this BeammWave’s unique chip offers a small, energy-efficient and cost-effective design with great flexibility to master the mmWave challenges.

Beamforming in the digital domain uses algorithms and math to replace traditional time-consuming trial-and-error analog beam tracking – brute-force, analog approach replaced by digital intelligence.

Suite of Benefits

Our proprietary technology provides several benefits, including:

  • Radio and antenna in one chip
  • Tiny footprint
  • Distributed architecture
  • Ease of integration
  • Extraordinary performance

Maximum Design Freedom

BeammWave offers a distributed mmWave radio architecture based on digital beamforming, where an N antenna array is built up by N RF chips that can be distributed freely over the PCB. By not limiting the antenna placement to be equally spaced on a grid as in traditional analog antenna panel solutions, advantages such as flexibility in PCB design and ease of integration in handheld devices is achieved!

Efficiency Saves Resources

Implementing BeammWave’s mmWave radio architecture reduces the footprint of more than 50% compared to analog solutions. Furthermore, a 5G and beyond mmWave radio system using digital beamforming as BeammWave’s architecture enhances the energy efficiency by over 200% compared to a mmWave radio system using analog beamforming.

Enabling the Future

Today we live in a world where wireless connection means internet access through our phones, but around the corner the 5G future will change the game profoundly and spread this connectivity into every aspect of our environment. 

5G will power Industry 4.0, changing production as well as the whole product life-cycle and value-chains. It will connect everything and everyone with virtually no latencies and unleash the potential of augmented realities and robotics and remove physical distances as a relevant factor in cases from remote surgery to synchronised swarms of small robots.

5G will transform any and all industries, allowing the things we believe were mere impossible dreams to become realities. BeammWave’s unique technology is the revolution needed in 5G enablement that will pave the way for a truly connected world. 

And for us, this is just the beginning.