The mmWave technology for 5G and beyond

Beyond Just Speed

We deliver unique ready-to-integrate single-chip solutions that unlock the bold promises of 5G. 

Beammwave’s revolutionary approach to mmWave and beamforming delivers inexpensive radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFIC), sporting efficient digital beamforming and antenna arrays, to be used in any connected application. Our chips don’t only provide substantial size and cost reduction, but also increase flexibility in the circuit board (PCB) design for any connected product.

BeammWave provides a disruptive technology that will make light-speed connectivity for 5G available and affordable in any device with the use of digital beamforming“.

Technology, Growth & Innovation

Advancements in modern society have led to an almost endless demand for fast and reliable connectivity. In the last decades this has been driven by consumers’ exponential internet data consumption. In addition to this, we forecast that the coming years and decades see a surge in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication under the umbrella of the internet of things.

Now, users expect to be able to consume high-speed internet anywhere, anytime at “no” cost while devices are becoming smaller and smaller, smarter and connected, and thus join mobile phones to form a finer and finer global connectivity mesh.

Extreme Efficiency and Performance

Digital beamforming is the intelligent way to mmWave radio functionality in a highly performant solution with low price, and low power consumptions to all kinds of devices of various sizes that can enjoy the powers of the 5G revolution.

Single Chip Ready to Integrate

BeammWave offers a digital 3×3 mm single radio chip with fully integrated antennas enabling mmWave beamforming for 5G and beyond. Applications include phones, fixed wireless CPE’s and base stations.

The radio spectrum used to provide this connectivity is reaching its capacity and the future growth of mobile data has been the main driver for the development and standardization of the 5th cellular generation or 5G. In order to optimally use the frequency spectrum that is allotted to 5G, manufacturers need more than new antennas built on traditional technologies. In the millimetre wavelength of 5G, beamforming becomes a crucial technology, something that comes with its own challenges of size, precision and cost. To overcome these hurdles BeammWave offers a groundbreaking solution of ready to integrate chips using digital antenna systems.