Customer visits, perspectives, and the last days of our rights issue

BeammWave is on site in Asia for customer discussions with many meetings, in several markets, during two weeks. Stronger, and more to talk about than ever, makes the conversations more about how and less about why.

Video meetings in all their glory, but it makes a difference to meet face to face. It gives a more personal dimension and the possibility to easily catch misunderstandings and compensate for possible language barriers. It also becomes much easier to raise the more difficult questions and it gives new perspectives when you can experience the company culture and see the customer's internal interaction.

Our development platform, ADP1, has become even stronger and more flexible since we sold the first copy to Molex at the end of 2023. The concept and the platform have always been flexible and easy to update, but now we have mainly added two things;

  • We have made a much more automated user interface, which makes it much easier for customers to use the extremely complex and flexible platform on their own.
  • We have increased the number of test scenarios, that are included as standard.

These significantly cut the cost and time to get up and running and we can already see that this is highly appreciated and makes a huge difference to customers.

"The interest in our technology continues to be very high and, just like on our previous visits, there is hardly enough time to visit everyone. When I write this, only a few days out of 2 weeks have passed, but the result is far beyond expectations", comments Stefan Svedberg, CEO at BeammWave.

Our rights issue has an open subscription period until May 20th.